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Re: Upstream maintainer adding debian/rules

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:

>> Should the version number be 0.13.4 or 0.13.4-1? DUMB is certainly
>> not a Debian-only package, but the Debian support is embedded.

> The .deb file should have a version number like ?.?-? where the
> number after the '-' represents the package build number.

I'm quite new to the Debian society, but where should the "build
number" be good for, if he maintains the package himself? If he
changes something, he will change the version number from 0.13.4 to
0.13.5, because he changed something in the package.

This has the benefit, that someone else can become Debian maintainer
of the package and change minor policy bugs. This Debian maintainer
wouldn't have to do much, but only fix some problems and create an
official Debian binary.

Other native Debian packages like alien, apt, dpkg,... also don't have 
a "build number", so why should this package have some?



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