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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

>>"Tyson" == Tyson Dowd <trd@cs.mu.OZ.AU> writes:

 Tyson> Here's a tip: just because it is posted on the web doesn't make
 Tyson> it god's own truth. 

	No, but the chances are that it is better than the half assed
 comments people make on usenet and mailing lists. 

 Tyson> I have read this page before, and it still isn't convincing.

	That is your ptoblem, then. 

 Tyson> 	- It doesn't cover the case of CCs (it carefully ignores
 Tyson> 	them, laughably claiming that group reply is good enough,
 Tyson> 	when clearly according to Debian policy it isn't good enough).
 Tyson> 	This is a serious issue for people who pay by the minute
 Tyson> 	or by the megabyte for their connect time, but is *always*
 Tyson> 	ignored by people who have flat rate or free connections.

	Filter on the ISP. Get duplicate suppression on. If you can
 subscribe to the debian mailing lists, then you have already
 committed to a major download.

 Tyson> 	- It tells list administrators that they can improve the
 Tyson> 	number of replies going to the list by changing their mail
 Tyson> 	readers.  But it is not the list administrators that have the
 Tyson> 	half-assed mail readers -- it is the list users.  Since they
 Tyson> 	will never read the web page, the suggestion that you should
 Tyson> 	use a decent mail reader is useless.

	This is stupid. The page is meant to be read by the user
 too. getting a better MUA benefits everyone. And, in this particular
 case, the list users can consider themselves told.

 Tyson> 	- It claims that it makes the "reply-to-author" break, but
 Tyson> 	this can avoided by changing the Reply-To header to the
 Tyson> 	From header.  If it ever turns out to be a problem.
 Tyson> 	Of course you shouldn't be using Reply-To anyway, you should
 Tyson> 	just set "From:" properly.  And if you can't set "From:"
 Tyson> 	you should fix your mailreader or firewall.

	This is quite wrong. From shows where the mail is coming from,
 and reply-to is where I want replies to go to The from address maybe
 temporary, or may need to be set for internal security. 

 Tyson> 	- The Principle Of Least Surprise is bogus, if the mail
 Tyson> 	came from the list, 'r' should reply to the list.  Nothing
 Tyson> 	surprising there.

	Rubbish. The mail message came from you. I certainly
 distinguish between mail messages from different people.If I want to
 reply to the author, I hit r. The author is not the list. 

 Tyson> 	- Setting Reply-To is called "munging" when the list admin
 Tyson> 	does it, but is called "setting" when the user does it.
 Tyson> 	Why the distinction? 

	Because the field is one that the user has control over. When
 the users sets it it is their right. When the lsit admins set it they
 are stomping over an are the user should have control over.,;

 Tyson> Basically, the article is not a solid argument, it is a bunch of
 Tyson> justifications for an opinion that masquerades as an argument.
	This, of course, is you opinion (that means your arguments
 have not convinced me yet).

 Tyson> If you agree with the opinion the arguments sound persuasive.
 Tyson> If not, you notice they all rely on each other yet somehow
 Tyson> they seem to contradict each other ("don't make it easy to use
 Tyson> bad mailers" "no, accomodate people with bad mailers").



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