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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

>>"Steve" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> writes:

 Steve> I didn't, just pointing out, again, what I pointed out before
 Steve> (check the archives yourself) that the "problems" associated
 Steve> with the reply-to being set are outweighed by people who don't
 Steve> trim when it ISN'T set.

	In your opinion. I think there were people who were not

 Steve> I'm on of the few people that appears to trim.

	Quite correct. I do not trim, for I do not have to I do not
 spam people either. I just use decent software..

 Steve> I can't think of the last post that I made here, aside from
 Steve> this one and your reply, where I didn't get two copies.  One
 Steve> from the list, one CC'd.  That is a near daily occurance with
 Steve> me.

	Then there is one word I have to say to you: get a filter that
 eliminates duplicates. End of problem.

	I would strongly object to the list stomping all over my
 reply-to headers, when I do set them. (I do that when temporarily
 answer my mail from inside a firewall in compaq, and I want the
 replies to go to my permanent address).

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