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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

Steve> I didn't, just pointing out, again, what I pointed out before
Steve> (check the archives yourself) that the "problems" associated
Steve> with the reply-to being set are outweighed by people who don't
Steve> trim when it ISN'T set.


i can't believe it.  not here too!?!

i thought people in debian-devel had a better class of clue than that.

setting the Reply-To: header on a mailing list is just plain fucking
stupid. it is brain-dead, and it is completely cretinous. it serves no
useful purpose and causes numerous problems.

in case nobody has posted the relevant url yet, here it is:



flame brought to you in the interests of knocking this stupid idea on the
head before it takes over. it's a perniciously dangerous meme.

craig sanders

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