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Constituion - current status

I hereby reduce the minimum discussion period for the constitutional
discussion to 7 days.  [s4.2]

Brian Basset's email wasn't working again when I mailed him recently.
I think that Brian's email is too unreliable, and think the job should
be given to Darren Benham, as he's the only person with a demonstrated
working vote taking setup.  Since we haven't formally adopted the
constitution, and given the large time delay involved since Brian
volunteered, I hereby retract my nomination of Brian as initial
Project Secretary and appoint Darren Benham instead.

There are currently four unaccepted amendments proposed:
 Pretty much anyone can force a vote   (Darren Benham)
 Removal of SPI section                (Ian Jackson) 
 Trivial changes provision             (Ian Jackson) 
 Change `seconder' to `sponsor'        (Ian Jackson) 

The current state is therefore that we could force a vote now, or wait
for Guy to accept one or all of these amendments.  I would rather that
Guy did not accept the SPI amendment, because I'd rather the
developers voted on it.

Alternatively, I could re-propose the whole resolution myself, and
then we'd still have to wait a week, but Guy wouldn't need to confirm


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