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Popularity Contest Results for Nov 1

Hi all,

I've gathered the results from the first week of operation of my
"popularity-contest" package.  We've received submissions from 134 different
hostnames.  (To improve anonymity, we actually only consider the md5sum of
the hostname; unfortunately the "From" and "Received" headers of the
submission e-mail tend to include the unhashed version.)

Anyway, my first try at generating statistics can be found at:

They're not 100% useful or valid yet, but let me know what you think.  The
scripts used to generate the data will be made available sometime soon when
I have time to fix them up.

And yes, I realize the popularity-contest .deb package has absolutely no
documentation.  I'll fix that soon also... give me a break, it's only
version 0.0 :)

Now if only there were more 28-hour days...

Have fun,


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