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ORA Linux books -- informal survey, publ plans

Originally to BALUG, the author of this note is an ORA editor.

Maybe ORA would like to include debian in their books...

Maybe not. In any case, they might appreciate debian input.


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O'Reilly is looking to update some of its X books, and focus them on Linux
specifics. We'll probably start with something like the X User's Guide and
X Tools. Right now we're trying to figure out what topics to include, what
topics to update, etc.

So I'm taking kind of an informal survey:

1. What window managers do people use? 

2. What simple tweaks do people make to customize their X environment?

3. What tweaks are you unable to make, or have had difficulty making,
because the documentation sucks?

4. What X apps do you actually use?

4a. What X games do you like?

4b. What editor do you use in X? And don't just say vi or emacs. Tell me
what variations of each you use (vim, nvi, xemacs, etc.).

4c. What do you use as a mail user agent?

Your answers will be greatly appreciated. When the books come out, I'll
see if I can get some freebies to give away at a future BALUG meeting.


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