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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

> On Sun, 1 Nov 1998 19:10:00 -0500, Michael Stone wrote:
> >It's hard to really understand how much threading buys you until you've
> >used it for a while. It's like multi-color quote highlighting: at first
>     I have used threading for a while.  I use SLRN for reading news and
> wouldn't think about reading usenet without threading.  As I said, it is one
> of the most requested features.  I just appended that personally I don't care
> for it in mail.

Threading buys my alot when I'm reading mail.  With the amount of 
traffic in debian-* recently, being able to follow discussions in 
threaded order is a huge benefit for understanding what is going on.

As such, -I- find it a particular deficit that your mailer, PMMail 98 
Professional (2.01.1600) for Windows NT (4.0.1381;3), does not add a 
References: or a In-Reply-To: header, which would allow threading to 

Every message from you begins a new thread, making it hard, if not 
impossible, to reasonably follow conversations that you are 
participating in.  Yours is one of the few mailers that doesn't add 
-something- to facilitate automated threading.

Elsewhere, you said you were looking for a mailer that is able to 
handle multiple folders and tell you all of which have new mail.  I use 
exmh.  Right now, I have over 60 folders managed by exmh, 6 of which 
currently contain new mail.  I find the benefits of multiple folders, 
and the ability to receive new mail in any of them, invaluble, and exmh 
suits my needs beautifully.

I agree, there is lack of decent support for IMAP in MUA's.  I use 
fetchmail (which is cabable of dealing with multiple remote inboxes 
itself) to get mail from my IMAP mailbox and have it sorted into the 
appropriate mail folders, but I can't take advantage of remote mail 
folders with my setup.

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