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Re: developer status again

Bo Branten <bosse@ing.umu.se> writes:

> A few days ago someone posted a letter here saying that he has been
> waiting two months without an answer on his new-maintainer
> application.

This is simply NOT TRUE.

For the record: Ossama's first application was received on 1998-08-26;
Joey entered his tickets into the ticket system and replied on
1998-08-29.  That's a whole *gasp* ~3 days.

It _is_ true that his application hasn't been completed after two
months but that's *very* different and is a long story and not all of
the delay was our fault.

> The result of this was some rude personal insults from two of the
> persons processing new-maintainer applicatios, for example this kind
> of stuff:

``rude personal insults''?  *Sigh*.. \/\/hatever.

> It is to bad people are upset because I dare to express an opinion

They're not upset because you express an opinion, it's because you're
continually lieing about new-maintainer@debian.org and generally
making life difficult for us for no damn good reason.

Respect is a two way thing and you've done absolutely nothing to earn
any respect, quite the opposite in fact.  You can't demand respect and
you can't demand things from volunteers.

[Incidentally (and it really was incidental, I had promised Joey to
catch up this weekend prior to Bo's whining on devel), I spent
Saturday night (12am-7am) clearing out the new maintainer back log.
If you're a new maintainer applicant who hasn't received a reply yet,
please send a (short) note to the usual address]


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