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Re: developer status again

A few days ago someone posted a letter here saying that he has been
waiting two months without an answer on his new-maintainer application.
Since I also is waiting on the same matter I posted a statement with witch
I tryed to say that I think it is important to let new developers feel
welcome. The result of this was some rude personal insults from two of the
persons processing new-maintainer applicatios, for example this kind of

>b) I'm pretty sure I already sent you a mail that your request was
>    received and had been postponed.  If you can't accept it you can't
>    work with a free project.  I'm sorry!  Stop spreading FUD all
>    over. (Speaking about my private priority list wrt new-maintainer,
>    your request's priority has just been decreased.)

I hope this is due to overload and personal stress and not the normal
environment in the Debian developers comunity.

For years I have used programs other people wrote for free (or package for
free in distributions). When I felt I should do something back I decided
that packaging two small utillitys that I find usefull but wasn't
available in Debian was a good start, something I could handle. It is to
bad people are upset because I dare to express an opinion or don't start
with something more "useful" (but more difficult).

	/Bo Branten

Offcause; since I realy like the Debian distribution my application to
submit two packags still remain.

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