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Re: developer status again

--On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 7:58 pm +0000 "James Troup" <james@nocrew.org> wrote:

> Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com> writes:
>> My application to become a Debian Developer was approved in just a few
>> days about a year back
> ``A satisfied customer... we should have him stuffed''

Just in case James and Joey feel besieged (as well they might) I'd like to
pipe up that they dealt with me very well indeed.

They got back to me initially in under a week, and I had in fact failed to
do two important things (phone number and PGP key on a public server).

I was then called once by (presumably, judging by the accent) Joey, who left
a message on my answer machine, and then by James who got through, checked
that I really existed and understood the DFSG, and in I was!

Thanks all!

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