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Network load balancing and virtual hostnames

Hi all,

After nobody reacted on debian-users I'll try the more eclectic 
debian-devel bunch. This problem really burns under my nails - if you can, 
please help !

We have two Debian servers here with three network ports each connected to
a 100MBit switch which ideally should share their network load between
each other and across all three network interfaces.

Now, the more recent versions of bind seem to allow a sort of round-robin
access to a pool of IP's behind a virtual hostname - unfortunately I can't
seem to find the config file settings for this in Debian bind's manual ?
Has anybody out there a Debian system running DNS like that ?

This would of course still not implement real load balancing but it'd be a
start. Obviously there's OSPF routing via gated out there - the problem
is, the documentation is rather scary and doesn't really explain how one
would actually implement load balancing via OSPF... 
Any routing specialists out there ? I guess gated isn't part of any of the
Debian network packages due to the license, the old versions seem to be
free though.

If anybody out there runs a network setup similar to this I'd be very
grateful for pointers to information or, better even, examples !


       /(__  __|\          Lars Steinke, Research Student @
      (    \/  __)_        www.fmf.uni-freiburg.de, Germany
       )   (_____  /       for PGP PKey and WWW-Page finger
      /___________/        steinke@mibm.ruf.uni-freiburg.de

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