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Re: netscape etc

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Sudhakar Chandrasekharan wrote:

> Russell Coker wrote:
> > What is the difference between all the different Mozilla type packages?
> > There's mozilla, netscape, navigator, and communicator.  The description gives
> > no real indication of the differences.
> mozilla = Built from the source code that was released by Netscape
> (http://www.mozilla.org/)
> netscape = ??  I don't know.  IMO we should not have a package by this
> name.  Netscape is the name of the company and not the product.  The
> product is Netscape Navigator / Communicator.
> navigator = stand alone browser (no mail / news) released by Netscape
> Communications Corp.
> communicator = browser + mail + news etc released by Netscape
> Communications Corp.
> In many of the above there are sub-flavors like dynMotif (dynamically
> liked against motif), static-motif etc.

There are now full debs in slink.

$VER={406,407,45b2,45(in incoming)}


406, 407, and 45b2 are buildable on i386 and powerpc.  45 is buildable on 
i386, sparc, and powerpc.  All versions debian/ dirs are identical(except for
the version numbers, and the changelog).

Then, a free netscape-base-4 deb, and also plugger.deb.  If I had a license, I
could release ns-pluggin-sdk, but there is no license anywhere for it, and
that is the most restrictive.  Could you please look into that last fact?

Also, netscape released communicator 4.5 long before they released navigator
4.5.  I refused to upload communicator 4.5 debs, until navigator was out.  I
would like netscape to release them together.  Also, the fact that
communicator 4.5 came out after the supposed freeze was bad.  I have already
asked bcw about 4.5 in slink, and he has given me the go ahead.


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