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Re: netscape etc

>>>>> "RC" == Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

  RC> What is the difference between all the different Mozilla type
  RC> packages?  There's mozilla, netscape, navigator, and
  RC> communicator.  The description gives no real indication of the
  RC> differences.

netscape is an installer-only package which predates the freely
distributable nature of the binaries. It will work with either the
navigator or communicator packages from Netscape. It requires that you 
download the tarball from netscape before installing it.

communicator is the full suite including mail and news. It is a full
binary package. Installing this package does NOT require you to
pre-download the tarball, since all the binaries are included.

navigator is the browser only binary package. It is similar to the
communicator package, but does not include the mail and news

mozilla is built from the freely available source. It is currently
very alpha, and is really best for taking a peek at what's going on
with the mozilla effort.


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