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There is one. (Was: SpeakerPhone software?)


Just FYI.  There indeed is Linux SpeakerPhone Software which works fine on my 
Debian Hamm system.  Program is now maintained by Christopher Lansdown 


You need to compile it and install.  It's not yet polished, but speakerphone 
part works for me.  You'll hear better thru headset, but speakers are quite 
clear too, and you have an opportunity to drink coffee (or take care of your 
babies), while listening what people are talking about on the meeting on the 
other side of the phone line.

Hopefully program will grow and prosper, keep working Christopher! 


>Is it possible to put my phone on speakers?  So that when other person talk 
>me by phone, I'll hear him on my speakers...  I have SoundBlaster compatilbe 
>Sound Card, and Zoltrix 33.6 Interenal Modem with speakerphone (if it is of 
>any use for this purpose).

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