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Re: Website mirrors screwed up...

On Tue, Oct 27, 1998 at 06:35:40PM +0000, Michael Shields wrote:
> A shiny new dual PII, tango.crosslink.net, is waiting for me to find
> the time to move Debian onto it.
If ssh access by a debian developer is ok, then I would appreciate access
so we can set this up as a secondary push mirror server. Push mirroring is
when the upstream mirror initiates the mirroring. anonymous rsync access
would also be allowed.

If we can't get access, then take a look at the scripts at
(they shouldn't contain any errors, but you should test them)
There are similar files called ftpsync* for the archive.

These can be used to set up mirroring in a simple fashion. If you want
we can even have the machine added to the list of sites push mirrored
from master.

FYI, there is an effort to move the contents of debian.org-local into
debian.org so mirroring is simplified. More details when the move is
ready to happen (could take a week or two as we are waiting on one

Jay Treacy

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