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nist time package

I was looking for some software to adjust the system time clock to a
standard like NIST. I realize that there is the xtnp3 package to
synchronize time. I find the ntp protocol an heavyweight in terms of
setting system time. I would like to see an alternative small package
for setting time.

In the old slackware days, I used to use a package which is still
available on sunsite. This package called nist (appropriately) is for
machines that are connected to the internet. It is a rather small, but
handy package that could be used to set your time by using telnet on
port 13 to the nist site. Any reasons not to use nist? If there is
interest in a small and handy package like nist, I'd be willing to
package it.

Gopal Narayanan                          Ph #: (413) 545 0925
Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Fax#: (413) 545 4223
University of Massachusetts              e-mail: gopal@fcrao1.phast.umass.edu
Amherst MA 01003

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