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Re: nist time package

I just use the following in /etc/diald/ip-up:

rdate time.nist.gov
hwclock --systohc

This updates my clock everytime I connect to my ISP.  Or if you are always
connected, just put a shell script in /etc/cron.daily to do this.


On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Gopal Narayanan wrote:

> I was looking for some software to adjust the system time clock to a
> standard like NIST. I realize that there is the xtnp3 package to
> synchronize time. I find the ntp protocol an heavyweight in terms of
> setting system time. I would like to see an alternative small package
> for setting time.
> In the old slackware days, I used to use a package which is still
> available on sunsite. This package called nist (appropriately) is for
> machines that are connected to the internet. It is a rather small, but
> handy package that could be used to set your time by using telnet on
> port 13 to the nist site. Any reasons not to use nist? If there is
> interest in a small and handy package like nist, I'd be willing to
> package it.
> Thanks.
> Gopal.
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