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Re: Imlib and libjpeg

On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 at 09:50:41AM -0800, Joel Klecker wrote:
> I filed a bug about the soname issue, in which I offerred to do a NMU. The 
> maintainer replied saying that he was aware of the issue, but is too busy 
> to do an upload, he said he would appreciate it if I did a NMU to fix it.
> I have done that, but parts of the upload are "new", so the libjpeg62* 
> packages are not in the archive yet.
Excellent! I will upload a new Imlib tonight linked against the fixed package.
What did you name the new package? Or did you just change the revision? Please
respond ASAP.

NOTE: This means that ALL Imlib-using applications will need to be recompiled
against the new Imlib! 


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