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Re: Imlib and libjpeg

At 23:04 -0500 1998-10-25, Brian Almeida wrote:
If I don't hear back from someone soon about the status on the
libjpeg6b/libjpeg62 issue, I'm going to upload a new version of imlib
that goes back to being compiled against libjpeg6a.  Right now all apps will
be broken.  Who had the fixed soname debs built? Do they want to do an NMU
of them? I haven't heard a peep from the libjpeg maintainer.  Thoughts?
Opinions? I know we decided earlier on libjpeg6b, but that was before the
whole soname issue cropped up.

I filed a bug about the soname issue, in which I offerred to do a NMU. The maintainer replied saying that he was aware of the issue, but is too busy to do an upload, he said he would appreciate it if I did a NMU to fix it.

I have done that, but parts of the upload are "new", so the libjpeg62* packages are not in the archive yet.
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