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Re: gettext documentation not accurate for Debian?

Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:
> > > > Of course, you have to call xgettext with --keyword=_ otherwise you
> > > > won't see anything.  Yeah, this documentation rules...
> > >  Besides you need to add...
> > >         setlocale (LC_ALL, "");
> > Why is that needed?
>  I'm not sure. But note that gettext need the LANG/LC_* env vars to find out
> the right *.mo. And that's what setlocale does, reading the env vars.

The user has to set this.  I don't see a reason to munche between
execpt that LC_ALL would screw everything if it would be set.  Somebody
need to convince me.

> > >  It's adviseable to use autoconf/automake when using gettext.
> > Why?
>  Because they give you a framework for handling the *.po, *.pot files,
> running msgmerge, xgettext, etc. These programs have macros to integrate
> with gettext pretty well.

Hmm, so this is not a reason anymore since I wrote my own framework.
For me, who has never worked with gettext or NLS before (except for
translating some stuff), this is important.  I was forced to learn
how gettext works and I feel that this was important to understand.
No, I don't mind spending the time on it.  In contrary I woould mind
using it without knowing about its techniques.



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