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gettext documentation not accurate for Debian?


I'm currently stomping over gettext and I wonder if I misunderstood
its documentation or if it isn't accurate.  The documentation says:

For newly written software the strings of course can and should be
marked while writing them. The gettext approach makes this very
easy. Simply put the following lines at the beginning of each file or
in a central header file:

      #define _(String) (String)
      #define N_(String) (String)
      #define textdomain(Domain)
      #define bindtextdomain(Package, Directory)

Doing this allows you to prepare the sources for
internationalization. Later when you feel ready for the step to use
the gettext library simply remove these definitions, include
`libintl.h' and link against `libintl.a'. That is all you have to


  a) There is no libintl.a file in slink, it seems to be included
     in the main libc nowadays.

  b) "remove these definitions" will end up in the following errors:

     this.o: In function `main':
     this.o(.text+0x28): undefined reference to `_'

     Instead you have to turn these definitions into the following in
     order to get your program compiled.

     #define _(String) (String)
     #define N_(String) (String)

Am I too dumb or is the gettext documentation inaccurate?



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