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Re: dselect package?

> > > >  Wouldn't it be nice to release Slink with dselect in its own package?
> > > >  Many people don't use it at all. And it would ease the migration to apt.
> > > No, not yet.
> >  Why?
> Still too many things dselect can do that apt can't.  There's no point in
> splitting them and causing many packages to need to be fixed to depend on
> dselect instead of dpkg now after we're supposed to be in the freeze already
> and all.
> For dist after slink, sure..  It's almost time to split them but post-freeze
> seems like a bad time considering the number of bugs this would create.

 You are right (but I don't thnki there would be so many dependencies
problems. The only packages that would need to be updated are the ones that
contain dselect access methods).

 I just want to do a `dpkg --purge dselect'. =)

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