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Re: dselect package?

> In debian-devel, nick@feedback.net.ar wrote:
> > Wouldn't it be nice to release Slink with dselect in its own package?
> >
> > Many people don't use it at all. And it would ease the migration to apt.
> My feelings on this are, "not yet".
> * We're too close to release
> * dselect is still the official way to upgrade, and in Debian 2.1 it'll
>   probably stay that way (just using the apt method instead.)
> * dselect is only 100KB (all the methods are only another 78K)
> * None of the other methods (dftp, apt) depend on it, those packages would
>   need another uploading.
> * dselect isn't completely replaced by apt yet.
> * dselect will still need to go on the base disks.
> I don't see how it would ease the migration to apt.
> Although for 2.2 (or whenever apt-gui is ready) it would probably be a good
> idea.

 Hey, hey, hey! Making dselect to have its own package doesn't mean it can't
be in base and have a good priority (probably standard would do it).

 Besides, I think that dselect should never have been a part of the dpkg

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