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Re: security updates webpage

Quoting Martin Schulze (joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE):
> Michael Stone wrote:
> > I asked a couple of weeks ago about the debian security page, and said
> > that I'd keep one up to date if no one else wanted to. Since there still
> > isn't anything there, here's my (admittedly hurried) version. If people
> I thought Gecko had updated the security web pages.

There's nothing about Debian 2.0 on http://www.debian.org/security/.
Here's the top of the page:

   Security Information

   Debian takes security very seriously. Most security problems brought
   to our attention are corrected within 48 hours.

   Experience has shown that "security through obscurity" does not work.
   Public disclosure allows for more rapid and better solutions to
   security problems. In that vein, this page addresses Debian's status
   with respect to various known security holes, which could potentially
   affect Debian.

   For the latest Debian security information, please check subscribe to
   debian-security-announce mailing list.

   Please send security-related bug reports to security@debian.org

 *  Please note, most security alerts in the last two months have not been
 *  placed on this section of the web. This area is currently under overhaul
 *  and the information is not current. For the lastest information, go to
 *  the Lists Archives

Debian 2's been out for a while now, and I think it's time to get
_something_ posted, lest people thing we don't care about security. (In
reality, I keep a close eye on proposed-updates, and I get fixes faster
than I would if I had to check a page. But someone browsing debian's
site to evaluate it doesn't know that.)

Mike Stone

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