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Re: Removing fakeroot (now: libtricks)

On Fri, Oct 23, 1998 at 10:56:36AM +0200, Joost.Witteveen wrote:
> Fakeroot currently has a `grave' bug against it (dependancy on an old
> lib), and I feel it's better to remove the package now.

That severity is no longer justified: there is now a libstdc++2.8 again in
Please lower the severity of that bug to "important" or lower; we prefer it
if fakeroot gets recompiled against 2.9. Want me to do an NMU?

> The new libtricks package can do everything fakeroot can, and more (`su
> user' works in libtrick's fakeroot, and appart form that with libtricks
> many, many more other things like VPATH's e.d. are possible).
> So this mail is to inform you that from now on, please install `libtricks'
> if you want to build packages as non-root.

I can understand you want us to move on. However, we're trying to put a
release together now. Fakeroot (despite its limitations) has shown itself to
be a useful and reasonably reliable tool. I don't think we should be
"forced" to move to libtricks at this stage; let's do that after slink is
released please.

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