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Removing fakeroot (now: libtricks)

Fakeroot currently has a `grave' bug against it (dependancy on an old lib),
and I feel it's better to remove the package now.

The new libtricks package can do everything fakeroot can, and more
(`su user' works in libtrick's fakeroot, and appart form that with
libtricks many, many more other things like VPATH's e.d. are possible).

So this mail is to inform you that from now on, please install `libtricks'
if you want to build packages as non-root.

OH, also note that libtricks-0.1-8 has a rather awkward bug in it, please
eighther use libtricks-0.1-7 or libtricks-0.1-9 (the latter is currently in


(Oh, replies to this email please to joostje@debian.org, not this email adres)

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