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GCC on a Pentium running Win95

Dear Debian,
I have what I thought was a simple task to download and install a "C"
compiler on my desktop.
I "web searched" for "gcc compiler" and came to the Debian web page.

I cannot believe I have read so much information on quite a number of
your Debian web pages, including searching for the elusive "gcc
compiler", and am no closer to my initial objective.

The impression I get is that it is so simple to use, yet, no where is
the starting point, to "Download the gcc package, and read the
instructions, and install". So I can begin to write "c" code, compile
it, and run the resultant executable.

Your packages and package dependancies I can under stand, yet I cannot
find the gcc compiler package, nor work out what dependancies it has,
and how to get them.

Therefore please help me.
Could you tell me what webpages to get to. What Icons to click to
download the zipped files, to get a running gcc compiler on my machine.

With thanks,

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