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Re: GCC on a Pentium running Win95

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, Martin Schumacher wrote:

 : Dear Debian,
 : I have what I thought was a simple task to download and install a "C"
 : compiler on my desktop.
 : I "web searched" for "gcc compiler" and came to the Debian web page.

[ snip ]

 : Your packages and package dependancies I can under stand, yet I cannot
 : find the gcc compiler package, nor work out what dependancies it has,
 : and how to get them.

I'll assume you have a Debian system already.  If that's the case:

- Login as root.
- run `dselect'.
- Search (press the `/' key) for "gcc".
- Verify that you have the "gcc" package highlighted, and press `+' to
select the package for install.
- Hit the "Enter" key, and let dselect do its thing.
- Enjoy.

If you don't have a running Debian system then you probably want to
install the gcc package provided by your distribution, or check the GNU
archive at "prep.ai.mit.edu".

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