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new xbase semi-broke X keymap

I installed the new xbase and accompanying stuff (xlibs etc), and a
lot of things broke. I managed to fix most of them, but one thing has
me stymied: my X keymapping is still broken. In particular, the right
Alt key no longer seems to work as mod1, resulting in my being unable
to access a lot of common chars on my (Finnish 102-key) keyboard. Any
info on what has changed in the keymapping code, and whether this is a 
bug or something that I should configure differently into the new X

Here's the dpkg list of the possibly relevant X stuff I have

pi  xaw3dg          1.3-6.3        Adds a cute 3d to X apps using the athena wi
ii  xbase      X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xbase-clients     basic X clients
ii  xcontrib        3.3.2-3        XFree contributed clients.
ii  xdm        X display manager
ii  xf86setup     X server configuration tools
ii  xfnt100     100 dpi fonts for X servers
ii  xfnt75     75 dpi fonts for X servers
ii  xfntbase     standard fonts for X servers
ii  xfntbig     Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts for X se
ii  xfntscl     scalable fonts for X servers
ii  xkeycaps        2.43-1         Manipulate X keymaps (for xmodmap) graphical
ii  xlib6      shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
ii  xlib6g     shared libraries required by X clients
ii  xlib6g-dev     include files and libraries for X client dev
ii  xmanpages     manual pages for X developers
ii  xmodmap     utility for modifying X keymaps and pointer 
ii  xserver-common     files and utilities common to all X servers
ii  xserver-svga     X server for SVGA graphics cards
ii  xsm        X session manager
ii  xterm      X terminal emulator


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