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mutt-i produces broken Message-IDs

Package: mutt-i
Version: 0.94.12i-0
Severity: important

I've noticed some messages on debian-devel over the last few days with
broken Mesasage-ID: lines.  For example:

Zed Pobre:
  Message-ID: <19981019171247.A25451@moebius.@>
  Message-ID: <19981019220802.A666@moebius.@>

Steve Greenland:
  Message-ID: <19981019210413.B2482@neuromancer.@>
  Message-ID: <19981019225203.B2585@neuromancer.@>

Stephen Crowley:
  Message-ID: <19981020073000.B5530@stephenc.@>

James A. Treacy:
  Message-ID: <19981020095656.Z27252@landru.@>
  Message-ID: <19981020135912.E27252@landru.@>

My news system barfs on them.  The messages all contain the line:

  X-Mailer: Mutt 0.94.12i

On the other hand, not all messages containing this line are broken.
I'd suspect that the problem is with the Debian package, since all these
people are developers.

I'm CCing debian-devel in hopes that the people I mentioned can confirm
which version (Debian or other, mutt or mutt-i) they're using.


Charles Briscoe-Smith
White pages entry, with PGP key: <URL:http://alethea.ukc.ac.uk/wp?95cpb4>
PGP public keyprint: 74 68 AB 2E 1C 60 22 94  B8 21 2D 01 DE 66 13 E2

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