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Re: mutt-i produces broken Message-IDs

On Wed, Oct 21, 1998 at 05:43:52PM +0100, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> Package: mutt-i
> Version: 0.94.12i-0
> Severity: important
It appears that this is a result of the interaction between the mutt variables
use_domain and hostname. I've done some experimenting with this and am pretty
confident that all the people listed (myself included) had 'unset use_domain'
and not set the hostname. Under these circumstances mutt grabs the hostname
from /etc/hostname instead of using the fully qualified hostname.

Below is a chart showing the all possible settings for my home machine which
uses a modem for connectivity. As I do all my Debian work there, exim is
configured to use debian.org as the hostname. I tested with the mutt variable
hostname set to both debian.org and landru.uwaterloo.ca (landru is my machines
name and my dialup is through uwaterloo.ca).

The values shown are what was found in the mail as it was received.

hostname                     use_domain                             unset use_domain
--------                     ----------                             ----------------
                        To: treacy@landru.@                   To: treacy@landru.uwaterloo.ca
none                  From: treacy@landru.@                 From: treacy@debian.org
                        ID: unknown                           ID:    xyz@landru.@
                      Note: mutt receives an error

                        To: treacy@landru.uwaterloo.ca        To: treacy@landru.uwaterloo.ca
landru.uwaterloo.ca   From: treacy@landru.uwaterloo.ca      From: treacy@debian.org
                        ID:    xyz@landru.uwaterloo.ca        ID:    xyz@landru.uwaterloo.ca
                      Note: not a very useful from: if you
                            want to receive mail.

                        To: treacy@debian.org                 To: treacy@landru.uwaterloo.ca
debian.org            From: treacy@debian.org               From: treacy@debian.org
                        ID:    xyz@debian.org                 ID:    xyz@debian.org
                      Note: no local delivery

>From this, it would appear that the Debian package of mutt should have use_domain
unset and should grab the fully qualified hostname from the system and stick it
in /etc/Muttrc.

Jay Treacy

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