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Re: huge lists

On 21-Oct-1998, Steve Lamb <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:32:17 +1000, Tyson Dowd wrote:
> >Their ISP usually.
>     Then they should change.  It is that simple.

Are you serious?

You talk about a relatively major undertaking as if it
is like changing your underwear.

Would you suggest that people living in places where there
is no other ISP to choose from change houses as well?

> >No, the people who run the lists will have to deal with it, or face
> >the fact that proportionally less and less users will ever read
> >debian-user, simply because of the multi-megabyte downloads.
> >Since debian-user is the main support mechanism for Debian, it is
> >essentially telling users: you want support? you pay for it by
> >downloading all this stuff.  There are better ways to present the
> >lists.
>     But debian-user is not the ONLY support pechanism for Debian.  And the
> list mantainers can hardly slow or stop the tide of new people posting.  It
> is not something they can do.  For you to even suggest it is something they
> can is unreasonable on your part.

I suggested nothing of the sort.  Why even make something like
that up?

I suggest the lists can be presented to users in other manners.
I suggest that subscribing to the lists is not the only way to for users
to get support from the lists (except, judging by the Debian web site at
the moment, at the moment it is).

> >Another suggestion I have is to get sites such as reference.com or
> >dejanews.com to index the mailing lists.  This has some drawbacks,
> >but would provide users with the list in searchable format with little
> >maintenance on Debian's part.
>     What's stopping them from doing that now?  Here is what I got from
> Dejanews with a search of "huge lists" in forums of "*debian*".

Great.  Lets put a pointer to it on the web site.  At least 
half the problem is solved.  Except a web interface to
posting would be nice.

Which was what the original post suggested, but as I predicted,
the suggestion was ignored in favour of a discussion about
mail readers and filtering.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.     - Benjamin Franklin

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