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Think before upgrading (was: Re: HELP Downgrading (Was: WARNING about XFree86!)


On Wed, Oct 21, 1998 at 01:42:08PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hmm, if I understand the maintainer right he hasn't tested the package
> himself.  Before I upload any of my packages I install them on my
> own box and try the main functionality.  I understand "unstable" as an
> "it works for me" state but this state should be verifyed by the
> maintainer.

I do test my own packages, too, before I upload them. But then, I do not
maintain X. I think Overfiend does a GREAT job with the X packages. One
person alone cant test the X packages properly anway.

Do you really expect him to have a machine for each type of graphic card

> Seems to me that I have to downgrade to Hamm if I want to do some
> work under X today. :-(

Or just stay with the latest X packages that is working for you.
Or just wait until enough people have tested the new versions

It was never guaranteed that blind updates to the versions in unstable work.
Unstable is the development distribution. We want packages to fail there, so
we can fix them for the release.


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