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Re: HELP Downgrading (Was: WARNING about XFree86!)

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Santiago Vila wrote:

> > Why does untested packages go to master, if the are so importand for
> > a working system?
> Because they are uploaded for "unstable" so that brave people can test
> them and report bugs.
> (Yes, I'm glad that the freeze of slink has not happened yet :-)
Hmm, if I understand the maintainer right he hasn't tested the package
himself.  Before I upload any of my packages I install them on my
own box and try the main functionality.  I understand "unstable" as an
"it works for me" state but this state should be verifyed by the

Seems to me that I have to downgrade to Hamm if I want to do some
work under X today. :-(



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