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Re: Et voila! (was: Re: Slink not installable from CDs)

On Tue, Oct 20, 1998 at 04:50:49PM -0400, Avery Pennarun wrote:

> It's easy to specify a CD ID.  One typical way is to create a file in the
> root directory, say "disk.label" with the contents "debian-2.1-disk-1".  The
> Packages.all file on disk 1 specifies the right disklabel for each package.

Stupid idea of mine (I'm making this up as I type -- I have the exact idea
on my head, but I don't expect this written expression to make sense): could
it be possible to have a regular Packages.gz on each CD (ie, the current
output of dpkg-scanpackages on each CD) and a "disk.label" file, with
something sensitive (say, "Debian 2.1 official disk 1"), have apt to
recognize removable://blah/blah as a special kind of file://blah/blah. When
the user runs "update" apt says "Please insert so and so", it scans the
Packages and apt (not dpkg-buildpackages) inserts "MediaID: some id"

Something like this:

deb http://some.mirror stable main
deb file://some/path stable something
deb removable://some/mount/point stable something_else
deb removable://some/other/mount/point stable additional_stuff

Apt can ask the user to keep inserting media on mount point
"some/mount/point" (or put a line for every CD, but that's not clean, IMO,
and it's error prone -- the user hits enter instead of changing cd's)

> By the way... I haven't looked at dpkg-multicd yet, but I hope it uses
> long disk labels, not just numbers 1,2,3. We need long labels so the user
> can't mix and match versions of Debian by accident. Think ahead :)

That's the reason I suggest the method needs to generate an id. The label is
the "user friendly" version of that id. At installation time apt can say:

Please inser media labeled user_friendly_label on /some/mount/point

This generic method could be useful for people using Zip's...


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