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Re: Et voila! (was: Re: Slink not installable from CDs)

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Juergen A. Erhard wrote:

>     Jason> It would mirror the technique I plan to use in APT.
> Rethink your technique... yes, it's simpler from your POV, but a huge
> PITA for the user.  Why not combine it?  Have a central list of
> packages giving the medium, but let the user add CDs later on...

You can't do that because there is no way to specify the CD ID. The CD
needs to be seen at least once so that it's ID can be determined, recorded
and associated with it's contents. I really don't think it's a big problem
to ask once at the start for each CD to be popped in - this would happen
one time ever, not once each time.

It also provides an opertunity to verify that the CD is structured
correctly and to make corrections to it's layout if necessary (Think those
blasted infomagic CDs)


> Version: 2.6.3ia
> Charset: noconv
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> iQEVAwUBNivGngIG66LugGzRAQGujAf7BjqjNgjQO3L0JKHY0844RjBiihzriB7i
> ek3jKs65zbUampj/QVwdX+HDwMOzjM4ZePXrWlhAifBOQtu84ttVh+DImcZ797yF
> 99U6SNXrogBEPUQuZN39cqM9rPj2npY7pqgKohvbzs14TKzlTSdGO9mOJwLzu26w
> P3REqSb9MUsy7601n9hIj0y0der799eP3r5H3T17EU9Aekmpe3SW27qvJlyis93V
> 6Iu4lS66+Omqay7zpVpMOkNhKYHNnTvMEPh0fD+/B/i0PKk/pWK1fcWQrl8GA2/+
> 6ejVLQr1xaF6pfRqr7WSD+YZbETAs30NYQaowsmoVrCL/MNG69KLyw-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

I dare say something is wrong with your PGP. My PGP won't parse this bit
at all. Isn't the END PGP SIGNATURE supposed to be on the next line, not
run into the first?

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