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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

>>"Andy" == Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu> writes:

 >> Obviously, I'm not going to win this one...

 Andy> I don't think that's completely fair either.  If you were to submit a
 Andy> working tested patch to dpkg to implement a  '--handle-uncompressed-docs'
 Andy> option then I hope it would get fair consideration.

	You also have to ensure then that when trying to detenct
 overlaps, for every file, file.gz file.bz2 and file are all
 equivalent, and should cause dpkg to complain about overwriting files
 (package A has file.bz2, package B has file, then if file is ever a
 candidate for removal when file.bz2 is to be removed, then the
 packages A and B should conflict in some way).

	What happens if
 a) Package A has FILE.bz2. I put in FILE. Package A is removed. Does
    FILE exist?
 b) Package A has FILE.bz2. I put in FILE. I remove FILE.bz2. Does
    removing Package A remove FILE?
 c) Package A has FILE.bz2. Package B has FILE.gz. Should these conflict?
 d) Package A has FILE.bz2. When upgrading the package, should FILE

 Andy> If, however, by "win" you mean get someone else to implement
 Andy> your requested feature, you're probably right and you'll have
 Andy> to continue to remember to recompress your packages before
 Andy> upgrading.

	Quite so.

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