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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> What happens if
>  a) Package A has FILE.bz2. I put in FILE. Package A is removed. Does
>     FILE exist?

I'd say yes.
>  b) Package A has FILE.bz2. I put in FILE. I remove FILE.bz2. Does
>     removing Package A remove FILE?

I'd say yes.

>  c) Package A has FILE.bz2. Package B has FILE.gz. Should these conflict?

Does that occur in slink?  I'd be surprised.
Is there is single case of /usr/doc/packagename/file coexisting with
either /usr/doc/packagename/file.{bz2,gz} ?

We already know that _all_ info file are shipped compressed, so
uncompressing them should lead to _no_ ambiguity.

>  d) Package A has FILE.bz2. When upgrading the package, should FILE
>     disappear? 

I'd say yes.

>  Andy> If, however, by "win" you mean get someone else to implement
>  Andy> your requested feature, you're probably right and you'll have
>  Andy> to continue to remember to recompress your packages before
>  Andy> upgrading.
> 	Quite so.

I suppose by "win", I ultimately meant to convince people that it's a good
idea such that someone (anyone) implements it to make Debian better for all
of us.  I wasn't pleading for someone to spend hours coding something for
noone to use but me (although I've been known to do that _for_ others), I
was suggesting something which I thought would make Debian better.  I hope
that's allowed in this forum, and even possibly encouraged.

I don't code in C yet, so it's not likely going to be me doing the coding.
If that means I should keep my ideas for myself, please let me know and I
will do so forever (wrt debian-devel).
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Maurice Lamontagne Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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