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Re: Debian 2.[01] -- Only rudimentary support for Laptops?

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 03:52:12PM -0400, Seth M. Landsman wrote:
> 	Hmm, I'm going to have to add a negative data point here.  Debian
> installed almost perfectly on my laptop (a Gateway 2300SE) right off of a
> CD.  I did have to recompile the kernel for APM stuff and pcmcia
> utilities, which was exceedingly painless (for me, that is, YMMV).  I also
> had to get and install the NeoMagic X Server manually, but this was before
> a package for it existed.
> 	Therefore, I don't think this is laptop installation problems in
> general.  I think that this may be specific to some laptops, but not all.

I'd say it's a high percentage. It was trouble on my Toshiba
Satellite 310CDS, and although the source disc has the Toshiba boot image
on it, it doesn't know how to install the Toshiba kernel later.

Although a friend of mine installed it on his Acer Extensa without
problems and wouldn't have known that the Tecra disks existed.

I need zImage for my desktop too. Don't know why; it's just a generic
clone PC. Probably something in my BIOS options. On the other hand I'm
yet to see why the Debian default needs to be bzImage anyway -- we compile
as much as we can as modules. If the kernel works as a zImage there is
no need to build it as a bzImage! And no confusion later.

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