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Re: Debian 2.[01] -- Only rudimentary support for Laptops?

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 02:40:38PM -0500, Alexander Kushnirenko wrote:
> Hi,
> > I have an IBM ThinkPad 380XD.  I have found that 2.0.x kernels just don't
> > work properly, my machine will crash or shutdown during boot.  I believe that
> > the best thing that can be done to support laptops is to create boot disks
> > with 2.1.125 kernels.  2.1.125 works well on my laptop in every way and has
> > fixed the problems with RAM disks that older 2.1.x kernels had.
> > 
> Sorry to jump into discussion... Well, I ABSOLUTELYU agree with Russel.   I 
> also installed linux on IBM ThinkPad 380XD.  It's my 6-th Debian installation 
> around and definitly the most embarrasing one.  I DO agree that ThinkPad 380XD 
> is quite new piece of hardware, and don't want to blame anyone or anything, 
> but perhaps we may pay closer attention to Laptop instalation problems.
> 1. Official booting disketes - DOES NOT work (tecra also!)
> 2. Official kernel 2.0.34 - DOES NOT work (constant reboot)
> The only thing that work was loadlin thru Win95 :(

To identify the bug (and try to fix it) a little bit of info is needed.
At which step is the system crashing? Before displaying the "boot:"
prompt? Before displaying the "Color or Monochrome" dialog? Elsewhere?

It looks like a kernel-related problem, and not one that applies to any
laptop model.

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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