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Re: pgp => gpg

On Fri, Oct 16, 1998 at 04:06:18PM +1000, Chris Leishman wrote:
> At the moment I am using pgp2i, but I would like to try and change to
> gnupg.  My question is - will I need to generate a new public/private key,
> or is it possible to use my pgp one with gnupg?

Technically it is possible to use your PGP one with gnupg, but it requires
the use of non-free (because of patents) extensions to gnupg (namely, the
RSA and idea modules).

> Also, can gnupg use pgp public keys (and which versions of pgp?). 

It can, with the same problems.

> And which versions of pgp can use gnupg keys?

PGP 5, I suspect.

> Sorry if this sounds very nieve.....if I've got myself all muddled up
> could someone please explain how all this stuff really does work?

Check out the bug reports against "debian-keyring". There's an updated
README in there that e.g. explains how to sign your gnupg key with your PGP

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