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Re: Support for multiple CD's

Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> I installed a second CD rom drive in my computer.  Some people have CD
> 'changers' that can have 3 - 5 disks in the stack.  (Some of these
> take up several drive letters in windows/dos...do they appear as
> separate lun's in scsi or separate partitions under linux????)

Diffenrent media in CD changers would show up as different LUNs
just like big cd jukeboxes.

> There should be support for prompting the user to swap disk.  If there
> is more than one CD rom drive, then dpkg/dselect/apt/? should just go
> to the right disk (previously mounted).

That's what multi-cd is doing.

> Or distribute on DVD rom and don't worry (till Debian
> grows to 4.7gb!!!!)

Please go ahead, buy a writer and provide DVD images.



The only stupid question is the unasked one.

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