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Re: Switch to perl-5.005_02 ?

Le Sat, Oct 03, 1998 at 06:32:22PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava écrivait:
> 	I agree.

I do not. Perl 5.005 and the new perl-thread seems to interest a lot of
people. But if we don't switch to perl5.005 right now, they would presumably
download the forthcoming perl5.005 package from the next (after freeze)
unstable dist. If they do like that all their lib*-perl package will
be broken and dkpg would not complain ! Furthermore if they do this they
will have to download all their lib*-perl packages in order to have
a consistent perl toolbox.

But if all is done for slink, they will switch to the new packages without
noticing that something has changed for perl.

Do you see what I mean ?

> 	Please, no. The freeze is now less than two weeks away (if I
>  remember correctly). Surely we can wait until after the freeze?
>  Otherwise we start into the freeze with 35 broken packages.

Really the only job to "repair" theses packages is :
# dpkg -i perl_5.005_02-1.deb
$ cd libmsgcat-perl-1.0
$ vim debian/control (add the depends line perl (>= 5.005))
$ dch -v "Recompiled for perl 5.005"
$ build
$ dupload

And if a developer can't do that in the next 2 weeks, he can say it here
and somedbody can do a NMU.

> 	We are trying to get into a more frequent release cycle, which
>  means changes like this should happen early in the release,
>  not at the tail end.

I agree but in this precise case I don't think so.

Hertzog Raphaël ¤ 0C4CABF1 ¤ http://www.mygale.org/~hra/

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