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Re: new quake2* maintainer wanted

Roderick Schertler wrote:
> On Thu, 01 Oct 1998 09:41:45 -0400, "Christopher C. Chimelis" <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu> said:
> I'm almost completely unfamiliar with the issues around packages for
> multiple architectures, but why would this be necessary?  Why wouldn't
> we use the same mechanism which is used for other architecture-dependent
> packages?

Because the quake2 upstream tarball contains arch-specific binaries. 
normal name of "quake2-xxx.deb is fine, but the source packages couldn't 
overlap if they had the same name.  You could tar the two tarballs
and "build" the packages from there (calling the source "quake2" and
you could call each "quake2" since they would have different target
tacked on until they hit master)....


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