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Re: Problems with wmakerconf and wmakerconf-data

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> Finally s/o gave me a good (technical) argument to change the situation:
> users *can* download wmakerconf-data. So, the soon-to-be-released-packages
> are going to be like this: wmakerconf-data *depends* on wmakerconf (see
> point c. for an explanation) and wmakerconf *suggests* wmakerconf-data. Even
> further, wmaker recommends wmakerconf-data. By recommending wmakerconf-data
> I'm making sure you'll end up with something you can use.

Just one other question: Why does wmaker "recommend" wmakerconf-data at
all ? I don't need or want wmakerconf but now everytime I leave dselect i
have to override the automatic selection of these 4 packages: wmakerconf,
wmakerconf-data, imlib-base, gdk-imlib1. Maybe "suggests" might be more



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