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Re: freetype1 is gone from slink, imagemagick still depends on it

Oops, I guess I should have replied to the list too.  (I didn't know Ben
posted this message also to debian-devel.

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Wed 30 Sep 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> > I'm a little confused. freetype2-dev conflicts with freetype1 (<=
> > yet freetype1 is nowhere to be found in slink,
> > and the latest version in hamm is
> > 
> > What happened to freetype1? imagemagick depends on it still, but it no
> > longer exists in slink. Should imagemagick be recompiled?

I don't know what happened either.  freetype1 is now obsolete and has been
modified and uploaded as a separate package (source package freetype1_*.*),
to accommodate the new freetype2.  The new freetype2 (a.k.a. FreeType 1.1)
is uploaded as source package freetype_*.*.  The freetype1 source packages,
as well as its binaries for m68k, still lives in Slink. 

Perhaps the i386 binaries were removed by mistake?  Anyway, if anyone needs
them, I re-uploaded freetype1_1.0.0-1998-03-22-2_i386.deb and
freetype1-dev_1.0.0-1998-03-22-2_i386.deb to master's Incoming last night.
The source package files (.orig.tar.gz, .dsc, .diff.gz) were already there.

By the way, freetype1_1.0.0-1998-03-22-1 is incompatible with freetype2.
Please get freetype1_1.0.0-1998-03-22-2.

> If freetype1 was removed, I'd like to know about it, as it still exists
> in the alpha dist, and the following packages depend on it:
> 	freewrl, gltt-bin, imagemagick, libmagick4g, moonlight, perlmagick,
>         xmbdfed
> BTW, most of these also depend on freetype1 in i386 as well;
> also the following other packages in i386 depend on freetype1:
> 	php3-cgi-gd, php3-gd
> I guess these should also be recompiled? On i386 and alpha (and probably
> other arches as well) ?

Yes, it would be best to recompile all the package to use freetype2 instead
of freetype1, so in the future (perhaps in slink or the release after slink)
we could get rid of freetype1 for good.  :-)  Until that happens, freetype1
and freetype2 should co-exist peacefully.  At least it does on my computer.

Thanks for bringing up this point.  I should have thought of it earlier and
requested and coordinated with other developers to recompile their packages. 
I'm too absent-minded, and now I am too busy with school work.  Yikes.  :-) 

BTW, there are a few minor changes migrating from freetype1 -> freetype2.
In most case, probably a simple recompilation would do the job.  In some
other cases, however, minor changes to the source code may be necessary to
get the packages to compile with freetype2-dev.

Thanks again.


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