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Re: Problems with wmakerconf and wmakerconf-data

On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 06:42:40PM +0530, Saisanthosh B wrote:

> Can the wmakerconf maintainer respond to this ?


a. I'm a bit overworked right now and I'm really looking forward at the
   weekend to get this (and other outstanding) bugs fixed.

b. This Is A Bug That's Not A Bug... 

   $ dpkg -i wmakerconf_*.deb wmakerconf-data_*.deb

   everything installs perfectly.

c. I regret having to change this because of b. and the fact that the
   dependencies ARE right: if you install wmakerconf you'll do nothing
   without wmakerconf-data; you can't do nothing with wmakerconf-data if you
   don't have wmakerconf installed. Dozens of people have asked me in the past
   why are there two packages then. Because wmakerconf-data changes more
   rapidly than wmakerconf (it goes along with wmaker).

Finally s/o gave me a good (technical) argument to change the situation:
users *can* download wmakerconf-data. So, the soon-to-be-released-packages
are going to be like this: wmakerconf-data *depends* on wmakerconf (see
point c. for an explanation) and wmakerconf *suggests* wmakerconf-data. Even
further, wmaker recommends wmakerconf-data. By recommending wmakerconf-data
I'm making sure you'll end up with something you can use.

Further arguments appreciated.


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