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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

David Engel <dlengel@home.com> wrote:

> Here's another idea.  Rather than have two versions of scripts, have
> one that checks for the presence of an environment variable or file.
> If the variable or file is present, then the script would default to
> safe/sane choices whenever possible instead of prompting the user.
> The install disks or even the user would be responsible for setting
> the variable of file as desired.  Until we have a full blown
> pre-configuration scheme (which I suspect we won't for a long time), a
> scheme like this would give us the best of both worlds -- a highly
> interactive install like we currently have and a streamlined install
> like redhat has.

Sounds like a great idea... Then I (who know quite a lot of Debian/Linux) still
have the option to fine tune my system during the install. It gives me freedom
of choise (etc), and still allow any new comer to easily install the best
Linux distribution...

But how do one accomplish the choices that have to be made? For example, In
TCPQuota, I resently rewrote the software to 'use DBI' instead of 'use Msql',
which makes it possible to use any SQL server that have a DBI interface, mSQL,
mySQL and PostgreSQL... If a user have been using mSQL previously (because there
where no other choise), but I think mySQL is better/faster/whatever, do I as
mainainer/author deside if the users database is to be transfered to mySQL
instead, or do I deside that I should leave the database alone, maybe degrading

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