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Re: /usr/local in some packages

>>"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:

 Nathan> On 29 Sep 1998, Rob Browning wrote:

 Nathan>  : Manoj, are you there?  Mail to you bounced last night. 
 Nathan> I believe he's in the middle of hurricane Georges.

	Thanks for the concern, guys. Yes, we were hit by hurricane
 Georges (the eye made landfall about 50miles west of us) late
 saturday, when we promptly lost power (we just regained power on
 wednesday afternoon).

	Hurricanes, like war, are log periods of utter boredom
 punctuacted by shrt bursts of terror (well, we now have two 50+ foot
 pecan trees listing drunkenly at about 60 degrees). 

	Battenning down all 17 windows with 1/2in plywoood helped,
 as did the generator we acquired yesterday.

	I think we are all back to normal now (apart from the 5 day
 email backlog)

	I may have dropped mail, since my ISP is in Biloxi, which got
 the eye of the storm, so anything sent to me personally in the last
 couple of days may have gone down the bit bucket; please resend the
 mail (sorry for the inconvenience).


 "Have you lived here all your life?" "Oh, twice that long."
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